Mikkel Lang-Jensen Faursby

I am a humanitarian with an interest in safety and security for people, sustainable development, and capability improvement.

Danish citizen. Born in Denmark, April 2nd, 1972.

E-mail: mikkel@faursby.dk

I have a broad knowledge of supply chain requirements and extensive experience, from planning and coordinating tasks to managing processes and collaborations in international environments.

I got motivated to work in the humanitarian field because of my desire to see people in a dignified life where they can help themselves achieve meaningfulness. I strive to make a difference and contribute to a better world. My work reflects a dedication to alleviating suffering, promoting resilience, and fostering partnerships across borders.


In addition to working and living in Denmark, I have been a logistics specialist assisting the Red Cross societies within management of warehousing, transportation, distribution, and procurement. The deployments brought me to Syria (2019-2021), Malawi (2019), Bangladesh (2018), Germany (2015), Nepal (2015 + 2021), Sierra Leone (2015), and the Philippines (2014).

For a local NGO in Cambodia (2012-2013), I carried out need assessments for poor and vulnerable families, wrote concept papers and project proposals.

In the U.S.A. (2007), as a volunteer in a local environmental organization, I collaborated with volunteers from Asia (Japan, South Korea), Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain), U.S.A., and Australia on the maintenance of trails in national parks in Utah, Arizona, and California.

The exposure to different countries, cultures and environments has enriched both my professional and personal life.

I find it essential to listen first and adapt to the circumstances, thus making assessments of situations and analyzing the needs of the people, organizations, and communities. I solve problems and challenges by considering cultural & environmental context and personality types & leadership styles.

A common aspect of my work in different organizations has been establishing and strengthening partnerships in the value chain and collaborating with stakeholders in all disciplinary areas and backgrounds. I am interested in the balance between result and process-oriented performance, innovation versus standardization in procedures, and autonomous units versus broad cross-cutting collaboration.


The goal has been to use the knowledge and experience of actors to solve challenges. Done with a focus on ensuring that we work on best practices, share information, and trust each other throughout

  • assessment of context and situations,
  • identification of needs, goals, and objectives,
  • planning and follow-up on the progress of the tasks,
  • monitoring and evaluation of processes,
  • reviewing and optimizing standard operating procedures, and
  • development of capabilities and improvement of capacity.


I place great emphasis on showing respect for and involving others in decision-making procedures. I have contributed to the development and optimization of organizations without compromising on delivery deadlines and quality. I like to support and provide advice to people when appropriate. The goal is to harness people's full potential for the benefit of all. It is natural for me to support a safe and healthy work environment to achieve the vision and mission within the fundamental values.

To resolve conflicts and foster a peaceful environment, I like to seek a combination of addressing root causes, promoting collaboration, and implementing specific strategies that can contribute to the best output. Successful conflict resolution often involves compromise, dialogue, and a commitment to sustainable peace. I know that mitigation and preparedness for disruptions and disasters are essential for a smooth operation, so contingency planning becomes vital in daily activities.